The Good Cousins


Tricia Schweitzer and Damien Riehl

The cousin duo grew up in Bismarck ND. They went to high school together but really connected later in life because of their love for making music. And because both cousins migrated to theTwin Cities, it was easy for them to connect. Damien and Tricia love to create beautiful melodies in the studio through songwriting and the use of diverse instrumentation.

Damien has a bachelor’s degree in vocal and instrumental music, has been in groups like Spiritu and Four Hour Parking for the past 30 years, and his All The Music project has created and copyrighted over 400 billion melodies — to help defendants in “You stole my melody!” lawsuits.

Tricia enjoys writing songs and performing. In addition to The Good Cousins, she performs in a duet known as Suzy Plays Guitar where she has performed locally and nationally at wine bars, brew houses, clubs and annual festivals.